Beautiful Diwali rangoli designs by Tanu Thakur

Rangoli is an ancient cultural tradition and folk art from India. The name and style of rangoli in different regions may vary, but the spirit and culture behind it have many similarities. This characteristic gives it its diversity and its various dimensions. Generally this festival, fast, worship, celebration marriage auspicious occasions etc. drought and natural colors are made from. Rangoli design can be simple geometric shapes, deities impressions, flower and petal shapes etc. The purpose of rangoli is decoration and it is thought to bring good luck. They are often made by women. Traditional artifacts to be made on various occasions concerning the different friendly opportunities - are different. This brought the traditional colors used for dry or wet granulated rice, vermilion, Roli,turmeric, dry flour and other natural colors are used but still in Rangoli also has begun to use chemical colors. Rangoli Dehri the door, and the celebration for the center of the courtyard in between or around certain location is created. Sometimes - sometimes it flowers, wood or any other object Burade or rice, etc. are made from grain.

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