Beautiful rangoli designs by Gopal

beautiful rangoli designs by gopalbeautiful rangoli designs by gopalbeautiful rangoli designs by gopalbeautiful rangoli designs by gopal

This is a beautiful video on one of the many rangolis made by this amazing group which come year after year without fail to serve jagannath ji on his rathyatra occasion. they come from pune maharashtra if im not mistaken. they are very talented, precise and quick. they are so well co-ordinated and spontaneous. they go through out the streets of Mumbai and make all those dirty streets into a piece of art to welcome the lord of the universe. thank you to all the artists of this group, who have decorated the earth with bright colors of love from their heart for the lord's pleasure.
The song being played is Jayadev Goswami's compilation of the famous Dashavatar Stotram followed by the Mangal Gitam, the invocation of Geet Govindam. Both are very dear to lord Jagannath. They are lovingly sung by Bhaktivedanta Muni Maharaj, who is very expert in singing bhajans for the lords pleasure. thank you for these Divine songs.
The Chariot Festival this year, was held on the Disappearance day of Srila jayadev Goswami so was jagannath's wish.

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